Saturday, December 17, 2016

Atomic Highway RPG - Smokes's Journal #1

Came to the settlement of Rugby. Odd place filled with men acting unusually, as if scared constantly. They've got me holed up in a "welcome center." They have an operation arcade. One other visitor came in, a man that goes by Ace. He seemed friendly enough. I hope to get enough work to keep me going for awhile.
Met another visitor today - Gopher. I can tell this is a man carrying a heavy burden but he's a closed book. Discovered that Rugby's run by "The Baron." Got a job lined up for tonight but the townies are tight lipped.
The job was a complete set-up arranged by the Baron. Ace and Gopher fell for it. The whole thing smelled wrong from the get go. Fortunately, I avoided the trap succeeded and came out smelling like roses. Gonna have to distance myself from these two knuckleheads.
Second job from the Baron puts me on the road with Ace and Gopher. Gonna have to teach them a thing or two if we're gonna survive. We need to find three men from Rugby who went missing.
Met a runaway on the road. Convinced him to show us the way. He spoke of a razed settlement and a "church" where he came from. When we reached the settlement, it was just as he said - completely leveled. Reminded me of losses is my own past...

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